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Latest ICAI Guidelines for CA Website | 2021 Updated

To digitalize your work and to bring an active online presence of your firm, all old school and new school chartered accountants of India are following the trend of creating new chartered accountancy websites.

Creating websites for a chartered accountancy firm is not same like creating website for any other business or company. While getting a website developed for their firm, CA’s should keep a check on the important rules and regulations provided by ICAI for a CA website.

Prohibited Contents and Features on the Websites of CA Members and Firms

  1. Mention of Names of clients / Client Logo

  2. Writing of Firm name in a manner tantamounting to Logo/Monogram

  3. Mention of Professional Fees, or fact of providing services free of charge

  4. Using Photographs other than passport style, including Event galleries of Photographs

  5. Use of expressions such as “Leading Firm”/”Best Firm”/ “Top Firm”

  6. Claiming to have liasoning with Government offices

  7. Mention of activities forming other business or occupation, which are not allowed to members in practice e.g. Real Estate, Health , etc.

  8. Mention of activities forming other business or occupation allowed to members in practice e.g. reference of Books authored, teaching activities by the member concerned, etc. (since the website can be utilized for mentioning professional services of members only, and not of other business /occupation carried out by him)

  9. Mention of activities which exceed the purview granted to members in practice e.g. “Arrangement of Loans” (the members in practice are permitted to act as Financial Adviser in terms of Regulation 191 of Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988)

  10. Links of organizations which do not fall under permitted categories e.g. of a commercial Company

  11. Videos other than educational videos e.g. Firm profile, canvassing for Elections etc.

  12. Mentioning subjective claims e.g. “having presence/associates in big cities”, “have well equipped Conference Room”, “best quality services in the market” etc.

  13. Mentioning CSR contribution / donation done by the Firm

  14. Mentioning any kind of affiliation with any national or international organisation e.g. United Nations

  15. Mention of any award(s) as may have been given to the CA Firm

  16. Mention of any kind of grading granted to the Firm by any organization (including a Regulator) or a survey agency e.g. “Tier 2 Firm"

  17. Mentioning of a particular role instead of professional service e.g. “Training” (which may be provided to existing clients w.r.t a professional service, but cannot be mentioned as a service)

  18. Professional services of the Firm mentioned in push mode/ the website running on a push model of technology

  19. Mention of media coverage of Firm

  20. Mention of association of the member with the Institute e.g. as a Special Invitee in a Committee of the Institute

  21. Mentioning testimonial with client name

  22. ISO Certification or any other certification or accreditation (it is allowed for CA Firms to have ISO certification, but the same cannot be mentioned)

  23. Using Logo of a Government Department or scheme e.g. of Startup India

  24. Mention of updates which do not fall under the category of professional updates e.g. relating to movies, National and International News

  25. Mention of empanelment with any organisation, whether for Audit or any other assignment

  26. Mention of engagement of the Firm in social activity(ies)

  27. Mention of features like “why choose us” on the website

  28. Mentioning association/reference of any other Firm(s) , wherein the proprietor or partner of the Firm may be partner

  29. Advertisement of any commodity, service or entity.

These were all the ICAI guidelines on CA websites, which every CA needs to focus on.

At Techadwise, we understand very well that how much digitalization is necessary for a CA firm and how much important it is to keep a check on all the ICAI guidelines on CA websites. At the same time, keeping a check on all the guidelines for website can be very time-consuming.

What we do at Techadwise?

An Attractive Professional Website

  • Attractive and elegant design with User convenient Interface

  • Free Demo

  • Relevant Content that offers appropriate, precise and well-organized information about the firm and services to the website visitor.

  • Subscription & Contact forms

  • Call-to-action step

  • Daily Updates with Blog & News

  • Relevant Navigation Menu

Advantages of a Professional website

In this digital era of today, an online presence plays an important and inevitable role. Knocking off the presence in yellow pages, new fangled businessmen exhibits the information about the firm and the services offered by it, in their websites. Undoubtedly, A professional website plays an important role and it has many advantages, we are highlighting some of them:

Attracts Client / Boost Demands

Website is an ideal way to entice your potential customers while giving them a justified base for choosing your services. It reflects your professionalism & expertise and this is what a visitor subconsciously tries to dig out while browsing the website. Our crisp three-step solution → Domain+Hosting+Website services are the world-class smart solutions. Here is what we offer:

  • Website in compliance with ICAI Council Guidelines

  • Autonomous Domain like

  • Email Id’s of your choice with your domain ID

  • Website Hosting and Mail Server

Blogs and subscription services

Blogs and Subscription services are important tools for engaging customers and creating demands. An utterly professional and informative website attracts visitors while summing up your reputation. CA Portal website solutions automatically update Regular Professional News/Blogs/Updates on your own website which further let the establishment of long term company-client relationship.

Brand Development

A website gives a brand name to your firm and service. CA Portal website solutions pack with its Chat Plugin, Query Form, and a separate login panel as well which leads to the development of the professional website. A professional website lets you break new ground in the context of quality as well as brand building.

Do you want Techadwise to build a website for your firm? Whatsapp us!

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